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The go messy or go hungry philosophy was born one day while I was making lunch. It was just a regular old weekday lunch — nothing too involved or special. Despite that fact, by the time I was done, I had managed to use most of our pots & pans (a feat in itself), an exorbitant amount of silverware, several bowls and cups, and spilled some of all the ingredients of my lunch on the counter, the floor, and myself.

Looking around at our tiny kitchen, shocked as always at the mess I had created, I laughed at myself. Turning to my roommate at the time I said, “I’ve just decided on a new house rule. It’s go messy, or go hungry.”

Can’t say I’ve ever broken that rule.

About me

Hey there and welcome! I’m Maria, and I love food. This blog is a celebration of my love of cooking, and also a place to share how I’ve overcome my struggles with digestive issues & IBS over the last few years.

I grew up watching my mom cook, and some of my earliest memories are of standing on a chair to see over the counter and “help” her. My love of cooking grew, but in college I began to have terrible digestive issues. First I thought I was lactose intolerant, and then I tried multitudes of diets, cleanses, etc. Sometimes things worked for a bit, but nothing helped me long term. By senior year of college, I was desperate. Eating made me feel terrible, and not eating made me feel terrible.

Finally I gave up on curing myself and went to a GI, where I was diagnosed with IBS (AKA Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Read more about IBS). At the suggestion of the doctor I started following the low FODMAP diet, first sporadically (pretending I could still eat wheat and yogurt) and then more strictly. (Read more about FODMAPS) All of the recipes you see here are low FODMAP, which means they are wheat free and lactose free, and free of all the things people with IBS have trouble digesting.

Unfortunately, there’s still very little information about FODMAPs, and most of it is very scientific. I’m very lucky that I love cooking and don’t mind reading articles about the FODMAP content of foods, but most people don’t have the desire to spend time learning about food science. That’s where GMGH comes in. I share what I’ve learned, in recipe form, and you get to eat the food. Enjoy!

About me | Go Messy or Go Hungry

I’m also eternally grateful to the love of my life and other half, Marc. He’s stuck with me as I’ve struggled to figure out what I can and can’t eat, and has encouraged me throughout this process of starting a blog. He constantly is reminding me to be methodical when “testing” recipes (instead of changing everything every time, which is what I’d do otherwise!). He thankfully gets as excited as I do while watching pizza rise in the oven and creating new recipes, so you’ll probably hear from him every once in awhile here.

If, by any chance, you’re interested in what I do in “real life,” AKA what I do for a living, please refer to my portfolio at maria-burke.com.

Thanks for reading and stay messy!

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