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New year, new newsletter: Introducing Crumbs!

Jan 30, 2020 | Articles, Misc articles

Introducing Crumbs, a GMGH newsletter

Hello hello! Today I’m excited to share something new I’ve been working on: a Go Messy or Go Hungry newsletter! Previously, you could subscribe to receive email updates whenever I published a new post, but I’ve been wanting to improve these emails for a long time. I’m excited to share the new and improved format with you today!


My goal for these newsletters is to share what I’ve been reading and learning about as it relates to the health and wellness world. There is so much misinformation out there, but there is also new and exciting research happening as well! I want to help y’all make sense of it all and separate myth from fact. If there are any topics you want to see covered, please email me at [email protected]


Following newsletters won’t be published as blog posts so be sure to sign up to receive future goodness! Up today: CBD for IBS, 2020 wellness trends, and a skin reset.

✨ New blog posts

Where to shop Low FODMAP. Link

Getting started on the low FODMAP diet. Link

? News

CBD Oil and Holistic Remedies for IBS. Interesting discussion on how CBD has the potential to play a role in mitigating IBS symptoms. According to the article, early research has found that the endocannabinoid system (which CBD and THC affect) helps control the speed of digestion as well as sensations of pain. The jury’s still out for me on CBD — I feel that it’s way overhyped, and just because one person on the internet said something convincing doesn’t mean it’s true — but this early research is exciting and interesting. Link



Top trends for the health & wellness world in 2020. These were all interesting but one that surprised me was “longer ingredients lists” — I’ve long espoused the thinking that less is more when it comes to ingredients lists, as there’s less chance of some crap sneaking in, but this article’s explanation was a nice challenge to my way of thinking! Link

Natural vs. organic in beauty products. To quote the article: “Organic is natural, but natural isn’t necessarily organic. Organic isn’t synthetic, but natural can be. Chemicals can be natural, and organic, except when they’re synthetic. Organic products can be labeled as such even if they’re organic-ish.” Great read on what these confusing and often misleading terms mean when it comes to beauty products. Link


Is it possible to re-introduce high FODMAP foods? Spoiler alert: yes. Absolutely! Eating a restrictive diet of any sort for long periods of time puts you at risk of nutrient deficiencies, which can lead to bigger problems down the road like weakened immune system. This actually happened to me when I cut out FODMAPs for years — nobody told me that this was an issue, and I just didn’t want to feel miserable anymore! So this is me telling you: don’t over-restrict your diet. Link

? I’m reading

(Note: since this is my first newsletter I’m including some books I’ve loved from the past few months! I promise I don’t normally read this much ?)

Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life by Byron Katie. Just started this one. This podcast episode convinced me to buy it and I’m pretty stoked. Link

Beyond the Pill by Dr. Jolene Brighten. So many thoughts on this one. Didn’t agree with how everything was presented (jumped to conclusions and got a little extremist for my liking in parts), but still such an educational read. Recommend to anyone who’s currently on or considering going on the pill. More thoughts to come on this topic soon. Link

Eat yourself Healthy by Dr. Megan Rossi. Wrote about this one a little already, but SUCH a great read, especially if you or someone you know deals with gut health issues. She breaks everything down so it’s really easy to understand, and does a great job separating fact from myth. Recommend 100%. Link

Mating in Captivity by Esther Perel. Not explicitly “health and wellness” related, but had to include this one because wowza, this book blew my mind. Esther’s writing is the kind of straightforward but concise that makes you feel like you have to re-read every paragraph. And honestly, I’ll probably read this one again soon because there was just so much info packed in there. If you’re in a long-term committed relationship (or are planning on it), definitely give this one a read. Link

? I’m listening to

Melissa Urban’s Do the Thing podcast. Just so much yes to every episode I’ve listened to so far. Especially loved: The Work of Byron Katie (also linked above), Going to #Church#mindrightLink

Esther Perel — How to have a hard conversation on the Ladies We Need to Talk podcast. Link

? Fun stuff

Maybe not fun for everyone, but this past week I did a winter skin reset created by Kristina Holey. Kristina and Marie Veronique are the brilliant minds behind the skincare brand that I swear by, so when my skin started going crazy (read: lots of breakouts and more than a few cystic ones) over the holidays, I knew I could trust her. Per the reset guidance, I spent a week focusing on warming winter foods, and mostly eliminated dairy, coffee, and alcohol for a week. My skin is definitely still struggling, but it — and my whole body honestly — feels less inflamed, which I’ll take. If you also feel like your body needs a break after the holidays, this was a great, realistic, alternative to all those cleanse and detox hoaxes that you see around this time of year. Instagram post and website link 

Re: skin health, this guide also looks promising!

I made a calendar with a different pizza picture for every month of the year. Because I ate/made that many delicious pizzas last year. ?Photo

Just to make you smile

? Stay messy, y’all!

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