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Marie Veronique Skincare Review

Nov 22, 2019 | Acne, Articles

Marie Veronique Skincare Review | Go Messy or Go Hungry

Welcome to my Marie Veronique Skincare review! Today I’m sharing an update on my skincare routine and acne in general, plus reviewing a skincare line that I’ve been trying out: Marie Veronique Skincare. My goal for this post is to educate & to share my own experience, so that you can use this knowledge to make your own decisions. The point of this post is NOT to sell something (#notsponsored) or make you feel pressured to spend any money.


If you’ve been following for awhile now, you know that I’ve been trying to heal my hormonal acne for a few years (ok well really since puberty, but writing about it for a few years ?). The last time I talked about my skincare routine, I was at a point where I was fed up with paying lots of money for products that didn’t work, or — almost more frustrating — worked for a bit and then stopped. So I took a step back, pared down my products, and started researching what actually worked. This research is actually what led me to write my first post on hormonal acne!


Why Marie Veronique?

 TLDR; Yes, these products are expensive. But in all my years trying both prescription and non-prescription acne products — which, from puberty until now is over 15 years of data — I have never found anything that works as well as these.

Fairly early into my research, I stumbled across a brand called Marie Veronique — named after its founder. The products were extremely expensive — we’re talking at least $65 for 1oz of oil, and upwards of $90 for a bottle of serum — and I had promised myself I was done with that life.

However, Marie has written a book, called “The Acne Answer,” that is both only $5 on Kindle and also titled something very promising, so I determined that $5 was an ok amount of money to lose if it turned out to not be helpful. (The paperback copy is $16 and I did end up buying it because I kept referencing the book, but I’m getting ahead of myself…)



I’ve written about this book before so spoiler alert: turns out it was exactly what I needed at the time. Marie — who used to be a chemistry teacher, meaning she’s both rigorous with her research and also great at teaching — explains the science behind acne, and the reasons why specific ingredients are either helpful or harmful. There are sections for different symptom categories (teenage acne, men’s acne, women’s acne, rosacea, etc.), and sample routines for each problem. There’s also a section on DIY solutions and products — including other less expensive products than what Marie Veronique sells.

Just as an aside — the fact that she shares all the research behind her products and even gives suggestions of other companies’ products to buy is something I really respect. Given the fact that I was feeling really fed up with the “natural beauty” industry taking all my money, it was refreshing to see a company that put actually helping people above making money. Ok, rant over. ?


I still didn’t buy any products for awhile. I read her blog and Instagram posts, and watched a few videos to keep learning. I started making my own oil blends based on the book’s recommendations, and slowly weaned myself off my topical prescriptions.

Finally, around this time last year, I determined that I had done all I could on my own and needed the help of someone professional. (This was more out of desperation than anything, as I was burnt the hell out and breaking out something terrible.) While I couldn’t exactly fly out to California to get a facial with Marie Veronique herself (wasn’t ready to spend THAT kind of money), I learned that there are some estheticians in Texas who carry her products.

And this is how I met Elizabeth of Neu Skin. (Side note: if you’re in the Austin area — highly, HIGHLY recommend.) Elizabeth uses all MV products and is so knowledgable about what is best for her clients’ skin. She helped me figure out what my skin needed and what I should buy if I were to get something.

Finally, last year on Black Friday (20% off!), I bought the Soothing B3 Serum and the Treatment Serum. Since then I’ve also purchased the Treatment Retinol and the Intensive Repair serums (and re-purchased the others). I’ve been using them for almost a year now (!), and I am so happy to report that not only do they work, but that my skin has continued to get better and better with more time using them. Like, seriously! This is never happened in all my years of using skincare products — mostly things work for a few months and then stop working. To me, this value has been priceless.

I can also confidently say everything I have truly does work; I have run out of each serum individually (because I’m lazy + sometimes reluctant to shell out the dollars for new bottles), and within a week I’ve noticed a difference for the worse!

    Me a year ago, without makeup.
    Me a year ago, with makeup. Look how dry my skin looks and how much makeup I had to cake on my face to “hide” the breakouts.

    Budget concerns

    Before I jump into talking about what I’ve been using, I want to address the issue of price. At minimum $90 a bottle, I fully understand that these products aren’t in a lot of people’s budgets — and I totally get it. I’m not trying to play into the wellness industry’s tendency to make you feel like you need to drop hundreds of dollars here; quite the contrary — I found these products when I STOPPED buying crap and considered what I actually needed. That being said, below are some suggestions if buying expensive serums isn’t in your budget!

    • Read “The Acne Answer.” Seriously. It’s only $5 on Kindle but the information it contains is priceless, and it will help you make decisions on what to buy (and what to not buy) for your specific needs.
    • My first post on my skincare routine also has lots of inexpensive options.
    • The Ordinary is a great brand with inexpensive oils and products (this is where I buy a lot of my oils). Plus, they have 23% off everything for the month of November!
    • Primally Pure sells serums, masks, and toners in smaller sizes that are less expensive (in the $40-50 range) and perfect for trying out products. (Side note: I also love their deodorant)
    • Marble & Milkweed sells some lovely serums ($12 for 3.7 ml sample, $62 for 20 ml) and other face products that are more affordable.

    If you can only buy one

    I started out just buying two serums, and I actually recommend starting off with just one or two — even if you plan on buying more — so you can accurately see how your skin responds.

    Before you can choose the one serum that will work best for you, take some time to consider your most pressing concern. For instance: although I was dealing with out of control acne, I first focused on calming my skin’s irritation. I knew that if my skin could calm down a bit and not be so irritated all the time, my acne would also get better. There’s really no “right” or “wrong” answer, but being clear on what you want to work on will help you make an informed decision!

    If treating acne is your main concern: The treatment serum is your best friend. This is especially great if you have lots of deep and painful acne. Other serums to consider: intensive repair serum, soothing B3 serum.

    If skin irritation and sensitivity is your main concern: Buy the soothing B3 serum. This will help calm general irritation as well as inflammation from past and current acne. Other serums to consider: barrier restore serum.

    Consider enlisting the help of professionals

    This is how I started, and although getting a facial isn’t cheap it can be a great option if you’re not sure you’re ready to commit to a product. Starting with this route helped take the pressure off ME to make the right decision. Again, if you’re in Austin I highly recommend Elizabeth at Neu Skin! She books out pretty far in advance though, so I’d get on her calendar if you’re interested.

    Me now, with sweaty hair and mostly no makeup (obvs had just gotten done working out here). I’ve still got some breakouts and redness but my skin just looks so much healthier overall.
    Me now, with makeup. These days I just use makeup to even out redness, instead of trying to cover up mountains growing on my face.

    My Skincare Routine

    Remember, this what has worked for ME, which doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you! I share this information so you can educate yourself and make the best decision for your own skin. Also, this is what I’ve been doing through the summer, but will probably make changes for the winter and continue tweaking as my skin changes.

    You’ll see that my routine is a mix of things that work to treat and get rid of pimples, as well as things that help repair my skin and prevent future breakouts. I know from experience it’s tempting to want to just nuke everything, but I’ve found that focusing on preventing new pimples and healing my skin has produced the best results.


    Cleanse and tone. Then apply the following serums.

    Update: lately I’ve begun using the Marie Veronique Pure + E.O. Free Oil Cleanser and let me tell you, it’s a game changer!

    Soothing B3 Serum

    My skin is super sensitive to inflammation, and gets really red and irritated easily, so the Soothing B3 Serum helps to calm it. Honestly, I wouldn’t have purchased this without Elizabeth’s recommendation, as I was more focused on “fixing the problem” and killing the acne, not soothing it! But a week without this left my skin dry and red, so it’s here to stay.

    Treatment Serum

    The Treatment Serum helps treat, eliminate, and prevent acne. It stings a little when you first apply it, but over all it’s not harsh or drying. Has been super effective for getting rid of both my cystic and more surface level pimples.


    I mix my own oil blend based on the ingredients in the MV Treatment Oil. Obviously buying ALL the ingredients would be pricey but I feel like I’ve got a good formula at a fraction of the cost now. I use a blend of sunflower seed, jojoba, argan, borage seed, chia seed, tamanu, sea buckthorn, and tea tree oils.


    Cleanse (or oil cleanse) (or use MV oil cleanser) and tone as above and then use the following serums. Note that both of these serums can be drying and so I added one at a time and slowly built up the frequency of each (started with one night a week, then two to three nights, and eventually every night for the retinol).

    Treatment retinol serum

    This retinol serum uses a very stable form of retinol that’s much more gentle but just as effective as prescription retinols. Retinol has been proven to prevent aging and increases cell turnover (encouraging the skin to produce new cells). It’s more preventative than fast-acting, so takes a little while to see benefits. I use this every night.

    Intensive repair serum

    The intensive repair serum, on the other hand, can cause changes almost immediately. It’s extremely exfoliating though, so I only use it 2-3x per week (and may increase that in the winter, depending on how dry my skin is looking). I find this helps kill off old acne and prevents stuff from hanging around for a long time.


    Same as morning!

    Usage guide

    • I use one pump of each serum.
    • There’s no need to let anything dry in between steps.
    • You don’t really need to rub them in, just spread evenly over your face. See the Marie Veronique Instagram for some helpful videos!
    • With my current routine, each 1oz bottle lasts around 4 months with daily use. (The intensive repair serum has lasted longer since I use it less often). When I was just using the soothing b3 and treatment serums morning and night, they lasted about 2 months each.

    Occasional treatments

    Once a week, I do a bentonite clay and charcoal mask. I mix ½ tsp each of clay, charcoal, water, and apple cider vinegar, and leave it on for 10 minutes before washing off with warm water. (Follow with at least toner and moisturizer, or add some serums as well)

    I’ve also been taking TrueClear Vitamins daily (I take 2 capsules), and it has been truly a game-changer for my acne.

    I’ve also been getting facials regularly as I mentioned. I started with once a month because my skin was a HOT MESS and needed some serious help. As it’s gotten better I’ve been going once every two to three months (bonus tip for people with periods: if you break out the week before you period like me, that’s an excellent time to get a facial!)

    And there you have it! Did this help? Questions or other suggestions! Let me know, I’m always happy to help and/or learn! ?

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