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Jan 4, 2016Travel, US

Happy New Year! Well, we’ve all survived the holidays and now it’s time for all the salads, amiright? I also need to hide all the chocolate that I got for Christmas. It’s constantly calling my name from the pantry…


The holidays can be stressful, definitely, but hopefully everyone also still got some much needed downtime. Marc & I decided early on that, after all our families left, we should take some time to ourselves and go on a little adventure. We’d never been to New Orleans but had been talking about it for a long time, so we decided this was the perfect excuse to go!


I consider myself a pretty seasoned traveler, to the point that not much phases me anymore. But eating on the low FODMAP diet presented an entirely new challenge to me. Not only did I have to find a restaurant in a new city, but I had to find somewhere that had food I could eat! As someone who gets dangerously hangry pretty quickly, I can tell you from experience that there’s nothing worse than being hangry in a city you don’t know and having to read through dozens of menus to find something you can eat. Except perhaps giving in and just eating something you shouldn’t and feeling miserable afterward.

I’ve gotten better at it over time though and learned from my mistakes. Since nobody wants to feel miserable on vacation, I’ve decided to start making travel guides to the places I go and documenting what I eat, so you can easily find low FODMAP options in new places!



The GMGH NOLA Travel Guide




We stayed at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside. Turns out hotel rates are super cheap between Christmas & New Years, so we got a great deal on a suite here! Great location, nice view, and the bed was quite comfy.


We wanted some authentic NOLA food to start off, so we went to Mother’s Restaurant and couldn’t have chosen better. Awesome vibe, and definitely a local, no-nonsense restaurant. I got Jerry’s Jambalaya and it was awesome. It most definitely had onions, but I only ate half and tried to eat around them. So worth it. There was also a grilled shrimp salad on the menu that would be a good low FODMAP option.



We tried to go to Preservation Hall to hear some live jazz, figuring there wouldn’t be too many people on a Monday night. Wrong. We didn’t feel like waiting in line for 1 ½ hours, so we followed the people in front of us to Fritzel’s on Bourbon Street. It was crowded free and line-less! For the record, my go-to drinks while I’m out are gin + soda (or tonic if you want), or whiskey + ginger. I try to avoid sugary drinks and sodas.




I have absolutely no patience for finding a place to eat first thing in the morning, so I always bring a container of homemade granola with me on trips. Since we drove, I brought my own lactose-free milk, but typically I’ll pick up a carton once I get there. I’ve also bought a cup of almond milk from Starbucks when I couldn’t find anything else.


I also have little patience when it comes to coffee, so we went to Revelator Coffee which was close to the hotel. I got espresso + 6oz almond milk (which is a cappuccino, but that’s how their menu was set up) and it was very tasty. The place was super cute and very well designed.


Ok so this isn’t food, but sightseeing is important too! We went to see the St. Louis Cathedral, of course. As a Catholic and art school graduate, I have a compulsion to go into any sort of historical church when I’m traveling. Fun fact: it’s the oldest operating cathedral in the US! Super beautiful inside and very well maintained. For the rest of the day, we wandered around the French Quarter, wandering into some shops, listening to jazz music whenever possible, and taking in the architecture.


We wandered into Napoleon House and soon realized it was quite the place to be! Seems like everywhere in NOLA is a historically famous something. Pro tip: remind the host that you’re there, otherwise you’ll never get a table. I got the pimm’s ginger julep while we waited, which was delicious. For lunch I ate the muffuletta salad (ate around the artichokes).

Coffee #2

Because when you do that much walking, you need more coffee! We went to Spitfire Coffee and I got their Ethiopian beans as a pour-over because the barista said it was her favorite. She did not lead me astray.


We wanted something chill, and had stepped into Fulton Alley the night before, so we decided to check it out for dinner. (And ended up accidentally crashing a Saints charity event… whoops.) I had the shrimp tacos and Marc had the barbacoa tacos and we swapped to have one of each (ask for them without onions). I suppose you’re a Texan when you can’t even go a weekend without tacos. Fulton was chill, I wouldn’t necessarily go out of my way to come here, but it was tasty and convenient.


We took an Uber to Frenchman Street to see something other than the French District, and ended up at d.b.a. They had a great jazz band playing, definitely worth the $5 cover.




I felt like we had to go to Café du Monde before we left. The beignets (pronounced ben-yay, in case your french is as bad as mine) were delicious – I had about half of one. The café au lait was just meh. Pro tip: go to the cafe in the Riverwalk outlet stores before the shops open. The line at the original location is ungodly long. Although maybe the coffee is better there…

Coffee #2

Well… ok I’m a coffee snob and I needed more coffee. We went back to Revelator and I got an espresso + 4oz of almond milk this time and I think I liked it better. But maybe that’s just because they put it in the most adorable to-go cup ever.

And then we hit the road! It was a short and sweet trip, and definitely left me wanting to see more of NOLA, so hopefully I’ll be back soon. It was the perfect little adventure for us. Do you have any other NOLA favorites? Let me know!

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  1. Thanks so much for this post. I am trying the FODMAP elimination diet and also on my way to New Orleans for a conference, so I really appreciate the tips!

    • Glad this helped! Good luck and enjoy yourself in New Orleans!

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