My favorite resources for living a healthy life on the low FODMAP diet!


Stellar Labs I love buying their protein bars for when I travel! They also sell protein powder too.

FODY Food Co.

Protein bars, snack mixes, seasonings, salsa, sauces, and more!

Casa de Sante

Tons of FODMAP Friendly certified sauces, spices, and snacks & more.

Happy Bars

Low FODMAP protein bars made by Dr. Rachel Pauls.


These guys sell low FODMAP products worldwide!

FODMAP Friendly Program Website / Instagram This program certifies products as being low FODMAP. Check out their page for the most recent info about which products have been certified!
Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides This protein powder dissolves without a powdery texture and doesn’t taste like anything!

Chicken Stock

This chicken stock contains no onion or garlic, making it low FODMAP.


Marie Veronique Soothing B3 Serum

Vitamin B3 calms inflammation and reduces redness.

Marie Veronique Treatment Serum

Diminishes breakouts and spot treats with vitamins B5 + B3.

Marie Veronique Intensive Repair Serum

Regulates sebum production, reduces inflammation, clears up congestion, and refines skin texture.

Marie Veronique Treatment Retinol Serum

Synergistic duo of retinol + vitamin C delivers visible, transformative results.

CLNS face wash

Clearing cleanser with lactic acid & sea salt

Thayer’s Rose Petal Witch Hazel

This toner soothes irritated skin and helps the skin stay moisturized.

Aztec Secret Clay Mask

This bentonite clay mask helps remove dirt & toxins from the skin

Books & apps

The IBS Elimination Diet and Cookbook by Patsy Catsos

This was my introduction to the diet, and was foundational in understanding what was going on. Highly recommend!

IBS Free Recipes by Patsy Catsos

Monash University low FODMAP app

iPhone and Android

This app is the source of truth for lwo FODMAP serving sizes of most common foods, and they update it whenever they test new foods. It does cost money (I think about $10), but it’s totally worth it.

Acne Answer by Marie Veronique

This book has taught me so much about my skin and what sort of products to use on it. Highly recommend if you are struggling with acne!



Kate Scarlata (Blog / Instagram)

An RDN who specializes in the low FODMAP diet. She frequently posts everyday recipes and articles about new research or conferences she’s been to.

Dr. Megan Rossi

Dr. Megan Rossi posts quick, easy to understand summaries of new research and facts about gut health. Always informative!

Patsy Catsos

Patsy is one of the leading FODMAP diet experts and author of several books (which you’ll see in the section above).

Monash University (Blog / Instagram)

Monash University created the low FODMAP diet, so you can expect their blog to have the latest news and updates.

FODMAP Everyday (Blog / Instagram / Amazon shop)

Full of everyday recipes if you’re looking for inspiration. They also have a curated Amazon shop of low FODMAP products, which is seriously amazing!

Registered Dietitian Directory FODMAP Everyday has created a directory of Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs) who have experience with the low FODMAP diet!

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